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Europe Opening Ceremony Why we faciliate the ICD?

INTERACTIVE-WORKSHOP 10:00-10:45 CET (Berlin) hosted by Georg Holzknecht

Language: English 

Georg since ever is keen to build networks for meaningful conversations. In this session he will share how the ICD movement started and what it may become.


From Heidelberg - Germany

Vision from the Heart- Cultural Strategy 

Online: PRE-RECORDED Video by Storm Motohata and Roslyn Snyder. 

We will share a couple of visual frameworks and the artwork created as the strategic plan. 

Language: English 

Link to Video 

Perth Western Australia, 

What is the value of Communities in the Enterprise?

Interactive Workshop 11 - 11:30 CET (Berlin) hosted by Juri Erche

Language: Deutsch 

State of Community in the Netherlands 

LIGHTNING TALK  11:30 - 12:00 CET (Amsterdam) hosted by Kristen Wagenaar & Peter Staal

Language: English / Dutch

We will share why the research was done, how it was done and what the results were. Participants will learn more about how professonial communities in The Netherlands are being run 

The value of neighborhood help communities!

Lightning Talk via Zoom 12:00-12:45 CET (Berlin) hosted by Sandra Ebertshaeuser

Language: Deutsch

Sandra spricht mit Christiane Beule, die den "Willkommenskreis Diez" leitet. Der "Willkommenskreis Diez" ist eine Vereinigung von freiwilligen Helfern, die mit Fl√ľchtlingen neue Gemeinschaft-Perspektiven schaffen.

Sandra will interview Christiane Beule, she leads the "Willkommenskreis Diez", it is an association of voluntarees who create new Community-Perspectives with refugees. 

Ask me anything community management 

INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP 13:00-14:30 CET (Berlin) hosted by Tanja Laub

Language: German 

You are interested in community management and want to know what the role of a community manager is and how to engage your community? Then this session is for you. You'll get input about the newest trends and topics and can exchange with other community manager. 

Ask me anything community management. 

Le Club Kesho célèbre la journée internationale des communautés.

LIVE SESSION 14:00-15:45 CET (Paris GMT + 2), hosted by Ahmadou DIALLO with Fadelle MIANTAMA as a guest.

le @Club Kesho et la@ International Community Day célèbrent la journée des communautés ce Samedi 08 Octobre sur la thématique:  "Le Pouvoir Des Communautés."

Language: French

Have you ever woken up after a long night looking for the knight you could have been? Have you ever wondered how to make meaning of your own existence? Have you ever questioned your own story to own it? I am on that journey to self-discovery.  I am adding more value to people's lives than others did to me. I like to believe that life is conspiring in my favor. 

Hi, I am Ahmadou! 


from France 

Room for mutual exchange about Community

Interactive Workshop 17:00 - 17:45 CET (Berlin) hosted by Sandra

Language: English

We will learn from each others experience and from the wisdom of the group! 

What is the value of Communities
in the Enterprise

Interactive Workshop 15 - 15:45 CET (Berlin) hosted by Juri Erche

Language: English

Advice for the Accidental Community Manager

INTERACTIVE-WORKSHOP 19:00-19:45 CET (Berlin) 1:00 PM ET, hosted by Adrian Speyer

Join Adrian Speyer, author of "The Accidental Community Manager" in sharing your accidental community stories about how you fell into community - we will share advice and just have an overall fun time to celebrate international community day. #TACM 

Language: English 

As an accomplished writer and speaker, Adrian has delivered numerous talks about community building at major international conferences. His experience working with top brands has enabled him to teach community builders best practices, effective frameworks and ways to be successful in community building that have a meaningful impact on organizational goals. 

from Canada 


When all began - October 8th 2021

The ICD - Story is writing itself. 

The ICD-Hosts welcomed the world of Communities!

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